Celina’s dad’s best ever guacamole

28 Jul


Basically, if there’s one universally undoubted truth in this world of infinite realities, it is this: Celina’s dad makes the best guacamole.

What it is about this Portuguese migrant living in Sydney that means he  makes the best guacamole ever is unclear. There have been times in the past, when avocado prices were perhaps prohibitively high, during which the good man secretly mashed a banana in the mix, prompting an exchange along the lines of this:

Celina: Dad

Dad: (busying himself) Hmmm

Celina: Dad, is there banana in the guacamole?

Dad: (leaves room)

After I stopped eating meat and moved out of home, I would find carefully cling-filmed bowls of guacamole and hummus in the fridge every week when I’d visit my parents. A fork carefully evening out each’s isthmus, both for aesthetic value and for the purposes of being able to identify if either of my meat-eating siblings had eaten my special meal.

The recipe that follows (and the picture is bad – blame it on avocados that were left purpose-less for one too many days) is my version of my dad’s. But given there’s about four ingredients, it probably is exactly my dad’s – or potentially anyone else who has ever made guacamole.


  • Two avocados  – ripe or even brown if need be
  • At least a whole lemon or go crazy and put in about 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • 3 TBSP Thai sweet chili sauce
  • Finely diced pepper or tomato (or both – go wild)
  • Good chunk of chopped coriander

Now mix it woman.

You might think guacamole belongs solely to the realm of vegetable crudites or fajitas (as above), but you’d be wrong. So wrong. One of Man Woman’s favourite breakfasts is some nice sourdoughy bread, slathered with this lemony guaca and topped with either grilled mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, rocket or chunks of some fresh white cheese.


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