Review: Shiso I’m going to miss you most of all

5 Aug

Oh, Shiso. How amazing you were when I ate fish.

How we long for those days, just two months ago, when we could have gorged on your soft-shell crab nori rolls, picked at your seared tuna sashimi in mustard miso sauce, carelessly thrown back the world’s best California roll.

Oh, Shiso, I’m going to miss you most of all.

Shiso is excellent Japanese.  A surprisingly cool set-up in Harringey which home delivers – can life possibly hold any greater wonder? For vegetarians, though,  the appeal of Shiso is rather limited to the table football in the dining area. Eating there on Tuesday night I had a choice of agadashi tofu (very good, soft nearly custard-like tofu), veggie tempura (it’s just deep-fried veg), marinated eggplant (really quite divine in it’s soy-soaked-ness) or veggie gyoza.  All of which were spot on – fresh, accompanied by delicately flavoured sauces and presented very well in a sunny courtyard dining area. However, having all but exhausted the menu in one sitting, I don’t know if I can ever really return.

I sigh. I sigh deep in my soul.

Price per head: £20 (eating with a fish-eater and with a beer each)

Friendliness to veggies: 3/10

Overall rating: 9/10


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