Fig, goats cheese, and truffle oil spaghetti

11 Aug

I just don’t know. If this pasta dish and schupfnudeln were to race, I don’t know which would win the speed test. It’d be pretty close, but I reckon this one would have it. I wish it had a snappier name though – it’s kinda chunky.

But while schupf is comforting and wonderful, this is the kind of meal where you constantly interrupt yourself with self-congratulation and the refrain ‘mmm’.

Nothing much to add here, but as figs and goats cheese are some of the best unadulterated things in the world, we don’t adulterate them. And it only takes as long as it takes for the spag to boil.

This is as insanely decadent as it is quick, and reminds you why you’ve had that truffle oil waiting in the cupboard since February. White truffle oil can feel like a ridiculous extravagance when you buy it (our 200ml-or-so bottle cost around €12 when we bought it), but it just brings a bit of oh-my-god to dishes when you need it – it’s bang for your buck.

Figs, goats cheese, truffle oil…

  • 6 smallish figs
  • 100g goats cheese
  • 1 small relatively hard avocado
  • Small bunch of rocket
  • Few fresh basil leaves
  • Truffle infused olive oil (what do you mean? Doesn’t everyone have this next to the salt and malt vinegar?)

Boil spag. Cut up the other things as you like it. Serve.

Estimated cost: £3.80 (goats cheese on sale!)

Musical accompaniment: Timbre Timber (we’re on a roll with it)


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