Vegetarian sushi

15 Aug

This is a meal that started as a point, and that point was that sushi can exist without fish. I feel we made our point – to Man Woman, at least.

This is finnicky, and probably best saved for when you’ve got more people to feed, because getting some variety is going to be a pain in the arse.

We used a cup of rice to make 8, rather thin-ish nori rolls. Click here for rolling and rice preparation info.

Sushi fillings:

  1. Smoked tofu, mango, and Japanese chili dust
  2. Miso-soy-marinated eggplant and avocado
  3. Spinach (wilted, drained and shredded), beetroot and Japanese mayonnaise
  4. Grated carrot, corn and spring onion in Japanese mayo
  5. Paprika roasted sweet potato, asparagus and avocado (didn’t make it this time)

All are very self-explanatory except the eggplant. Fry up some eggplant (one small Asian eggplant will do it) and drain on kitchen towel. In a small bowl mix 1.5 tsp of miso, 1 crushed garlic clove, 1.5 TBSP tamari (or soy sauce), 1 tsp grated ginger and a dash of water. Pour miso mix over eggplant as it cools.

As for rolling the sushi and preparing the rice, click here for some advice.

But rest assured, we’re not particularly dexterous, but we are more than able to make sushi that stuck together. (Although on a particularly worthy health kick we used brown sushi rice, which will never be as easy to work with as white rice, but it does give the sushi a bit of an earthy bite).

Estimated cost: Too hard to say – bits of everything.
Musical accompaniment: Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes


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