Rose water frozen yoghurt with grilled nectarines and pistachios

17 Aug

Rosewater is one of those things Man Woman has in the cupboard and is left collecting dust, next to the orange blossom water and quinoa. But every so often Woman gets on bit of a rosewater bent and does something with it. Normally it’s thrown into a cocktail, but this time methought there’s something more to this rosewater palaver.

Rosewater frozen yoghurt

  • 3tsp rosewater (available from many places and all Middle-Eastern grocers)
  • 6 TBSP Greek yoghurt (if using a lower fat yoghurt, you might want to put a tiny bit of sugar in this)

1 nectarine
1 TBSP unsalted pistachios
Maple syrup, to serve

Mix the yoghurt and rosewater and put in the freezer. Every half hour or so go and stir it ’round a bit – until you’re ready to serve. If you are busy watching a film in the loungeroom and totally forget that you have it sitting there in the freezer, just leave it to defrost for a bit in the fridge.

Halve nectarines and put under grill for about 15 minutes.

Slightly crush shelled pistachios.

Serve frozen yoghurt on hot nectarines, sprinkle over pistachios and as much maple syrup (or honey or sugar syrup) as you feel you want to gorge on.

Estimated cost: £1.10

Musical accompaniment: It was a film night (Le Grand Voyage, ’cause we know you care)


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