Chili oil and sauce for Man

17 Sep

Man likes to think that chili sauces and oils are like democracy: works in progress.  But, unlike democracy, a good chili sauce shouldn’t be hard work, simply throw together a few basic ingredients and let time and or a blender do all the hard work. And then tinker around the edges until you’re happy with the heat level, consistency and additional flavours, if any.

Man Woman have many chili based products in the kitchen, but here is a basic chili oil and sauce Man threw together recently after picking up a packet of habaneros from Brixton market.

Chili oil for man

  • Seeds of 8 habanero chilies
  • 2 whole seeded habaneros, halved
  • 250ml olive oil

Place ingredients in a glass jar and leave for about 4-5 days.

Man likes to shake jar occasionally, although Woman disapproves, believing that time will see the flavour develop through. She is probably right, but a good shaking won’t do any harm.

After 4-5 days, simply strain the chilies out of the jar, so that all what remains is the chili oil.

The chili oil should last as long as the oil usually would – a long time. Great to use as a substitute for normal oil when making pasta sauces for a kick, drizzle on pizzas, and just about anything else you care to add a little heat to.

Chili sauce for Man

And now, with the left over chilies. Man put them in a saucepan with 8-10 cloves of garlic, salt, a can of tomatoes, a tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of paprika and dash of (vegetarian) worcestershire sauce (soy sauce can also be used). Leave over heat for about 15 minutes then blend.

What’s that? Yes, two chili sauces for the price of one! This should keep about a month but best to freeze a little if you want it to last as the sauce has a potent kick which will see you use it sparingly but one hopes, often.

And remember, tinkering is always an option.

Estimated cost: 70p for the chilies; about £1 of olive oil and 70p for the can of tomatoes for use in the second sauce.

Musical accompaniment: something to help shake the jar. Something Latin.


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