Egg pasta dough

21 Nov

Man Woman stumbled upon an Italian pasta maker for a fiver in a charity shop a few years ago. Since then we’ve had friendly disagreements as to the correct way to work the machine. Man, for instance, believes cranking the machine very quickly will yield best results. Woman disagrees, vocally.

What follows is the recipe which brings the best harmony to the Man Woman abode.

Egg pasta dough

  • 1 egg per 100g pasta flour
  • Pinch of salt

(how easy is that? we used 3 eggs, 300g)

Sift flour into a bowl. Make well. Crack eggs into well. Combine. Knead. Continue kneading for about 10  minutes until dough becomes smooth, silky and supple.

Cover in plastic and leave in fridge for an hour.

Fix pasta maker to bench. Flatten dough so it is no more than 2cm thick and feed through largest setting. Fold in half and feed through again, then make setting smaller. Repeat until the dough is fed through the smallest setting.

To make any filled pasta, you don’t need any water. Just press closed the pasta firmly and emphasise the closure with a pressed fork (if desired).

Estimated cost (serves 2 – 4): £1.50

Musical accompaniment: Oh Mercy


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