Deep fried camembert with quince paste

6 Apr

Alright. This is deep-fried cheese. Deep-fried cheese.

Man Woman has had such a dish once or twice in our restaurant-going lives, but we never deep fry (well, wanting not to waste/use too much oil, this was kinda a shallow fry) and the idea of deep-frying something as artery assaulting as camembert was, in frankness, embarassing to ourselves.

But a friend brought us some camembert from a trip to Paris (some might say under duress) and we thought, we’re going to deep fry that mother. We’re going to batter it and fry it and eat it. We used quince paste – membrillo or marmelada if you’re Spanish or Portuguese respectively – and this does require something jammy to go alongside. Iceberg lettuce underneath provided a very welcome freshness and a scattering of herbs lightened also.

This is excellent. This is scary good. I fear we might deep fry more camembert on special occassions. This was intended as a first course, but after it we could only stomach a small glassful of gazpacho – totally sans fats. Eat this. Make this. It’s good. It is pure decadence and indulgence. Fatty and bad for you, but the French seem to manage it without getting heart disease and early onset type 2 diabetes, so in moderation, go like the clappers.

Deep fried camembert

  • 165g camembert (2/3 of a 250g wheel) cut into 6 wedges
  • panko bread crumbs
  • 1 egg
  • plain flour
  • membrillo or mermelade – Iberian quince paste
  • iceberg lettuce
  • parsley
  • chives

Cut your camembert into wedges of your choice. On one plate mix up some cracked black pepper and flour, in a bowl alongside whisk an egg briefly, in a further plate fill with panko bread crumbs.

You’ll need to alternate hands so as to keep one dry and good for use in flour, and the other ‘wet’ for dipping into the egg mix.

So coat the wedge in flour, dredge in egg then coat in panko crumbs.

Do this for all your wedges, then repeat. Double-crumbing is necessary to provide a great thick crust and is pretty damn easy to do.

Heat vegetable oil in a small pan until it’s hot enough that a small piece of bread will bubble and colour quickly after you drop it in.

We shallow fried, so put the camembert wedges in batches in, cooking for about a minute on each side. Just important to watch it develop a golden brown colour and then flip or remove. Drain excess oil on a kitchen towel.

Serve on top of iceberg lettuce and scattered pieces of marmelada or some berry compote (our attempts at a yellow pepper jam failed miserably – not in season yet – so thus the cop out with the marmelada, which works very, very well).

Estimated cost: £3.00

Musical accompaniment: The Low Anthem


One Response to “Deep fried camembert with quince paste”

  1. Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide April 6, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    I don’t have a deep fryer, but recipes like this make it very tempting.

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