Ever wondered what Laurie and Celina eat every night? No more!

Man Woman Eat Veg is about a Man (Laurie) and a Woman (Celina) eating vegetarian in London.  Reviewing restaurants, sharing recipes and chronicling our first few months of going fully veggie.

In this blog we two upstanding global citizens will share all that is great, delicious, veggie and accessible about the food we love. Cooking, shopping, eating, and (nearly) growing it on our 2×4 balcony- this blog is going there.

We’ll chart what we cook and we’ll try to cost every meal (we reckon most come in at under £4 for the two of us). We’ll update you on where exactly you can find Napolina tinned tomatoes on sale (for stockpiling purposes) and why it is that the Lebanese  man on Camden Rd makes the best falafel in the world as we know it. What more could you ever want?

Things about us:

  1. We’re new vegetarians, converted recently from pescetarianism (although Laurie has yet to finish reading The Book)
  2. We’re Australian but have lived in London for four years. Subsequently, we no longer take good coffee or a thoughtful brunch for granted.

The edible is political, so our diet choices reflect our politics and values as much as they represent that you can never really beat the umami goodness of mushrooms reduced down in soy sauce.

Bad food makes us sad. Cooking delicious, cheap and healthy food every day makes us happy. We’re easy to please.


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