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Aeroplane food – Victories of the vegetarian traveller

18 Jan

Man and Woman apologise for their blogging absence, we’ve been blog-free in Sydney and Melbourne over the past month. Ah. Tough. Life. Eh.

As a result, our first post back is related to aviationary food. Really, a revelation regarding food in-flight.

It takes four separate, ten-hour long flights to get from London to Sydney and back. Given the frequency with which airlines tend to feed (read ‘stupefy’) their passengers, that equates to about 426 meals. That’s 426 episodes of disappointment and confusion. This is one of the reasons Woman had not been back to Sydney in three years (sorry Sydney).

The one sliver of silver lining in the cloud as a vegetarian passenger, is that you get to be served first, feel all special and then wonder what’s not vegetarian about the chocolate cake the other omnivorous passengers get to consume.

We’d booked our stock standard lacto-ovo meals for the Korean Air trip, resulting in one meal which appeared to be anemic polenta coupled with potatoes and off-white broccoli and another which was pasta, full stop. So, with not a little trepidation, at Sydney airport last Friday we requested Asian vegetarian for our meals on our fourth and final leg. The theory being, of course, that we should help the Koreans play to their strengths, being Asian themselves.

As it turns out, ‘Asian’ for Korean Airlines is used in much the way ‘Asian’ is used by the British – that is to mean, the Sub-Continent. And Man Woman are not going to argue about definitions, particularly when Asians themselves choose to use this definition of Asian. And particularly not when the result was a triumph in airplane cuisine. Yes, dear readers, a triumph.

Why all airplane food is not Indian curries, little sachets of mixed pickle and warmed chappatis we do not know. All we do know is that we must have pissed off every single passenger around us with our vocal surprise and delight and what might only be called tastiness of the food in our plastic and tin foil boxes.

Is this really a review of airline food? I’m afraid yes it is, a little bit. But more it is a word of advice, even for meat eaters: Go Asian. Go Asian all the way. You’ll thank us.

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